The kit developed for comfortable trips on the road without sacrificing performance.

Variable price based on the shock absorber

For the installation of the AirTender® kit at our AirTender® Points, the indicative price is 100 - 150 € + VAT depending on the model. Report any excess requests.

This kit, complete with the Umbria Kinetics damper, is designed to allow you to travel comfortably on the road without giving up performance. More traction, great capacity to absorb shocks, as well as amazing versatility are guaranteed by the possibility to adjust the spring.
It can be installed on most of the available models on the market and it can be purchased both through the Umbria Kinetics (AirTender® Point) network and at all Honda Motor Europe LTD dealers in Italy that distribute the kit for all Africa Twin versions.
Like with all AirTender® kits, you will be able to transfer the system on any new motorbike!


- Kit AirTender®
- Screw cover cap
- AirTender® coil spring
- AirTender® seat
- Spacer for original preload adjuster
- AirTender® seat spacer 1-2-3 mm
- Spring retainer
- AirTender® reservoir support
- Short adjustment screw – V1
- Long adjustment screw – V2
- AirTender® adjustment tool
- Installation manual
- AirTender® stickers 


Indicative image, the appearance of some components may differ from reality.








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AirTender® is a product designed, patented and made by Umbria Kinetics, an innovative company based in Foligno (province of Perugia, Italy) that operates in the sector of mechanics applied to automotive.

Funded in 2013 on the basis of the long experience of the historic racing team Giuliani Corse, it transfers on its products the successes collected on the racetracks.


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